Delaware River Railroad Excursions
99 Elizabeth Street, Phillipsburg NJ


We have two engaging games for you to play. First, there is the numbers game. In each of the two mazes on site there are 6 podiums hidden. Your "Corn Card" will give you clues to find the podiums. On each podium there is a card punch. When you find a numbered podium punch the corresponding number on the "Corn Card". if you get one to six in the small maze or seven to twelve int he large maze you win and we have a small prize for you when you come out of the maze.  The Monster Mystery  game. It all happened one crazy fall night! A mysterious blinding flash lit the night sky. Boots the dog went to investigate but never returned. Monsters have overrun the farm and have taken Boots! Find out which monster took Boots and where he is being hidden. Enter the maze and find the 6 hidden location maps. At each location, punch your card once for the monster and once for the hiding place using the attached hole punch. The remaining un-punched monster & hiding place reveal Boots' captor and location.

99 Elizabeth Street, Phillipsburg, New Jersey, 08865, United States
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