Delaware River Railroad Excursions
99 Elizabeth Street, Phillipsburg NJ
Mine Train

Mine Train tickets are a $5.00 add on to any other trip. Click the "Mine Train" box when completing your ticket order.


Gemstone Panning is a great activity for all ages. Participants may find up to 11 ounces of gemstones in a single bag which may include amethyst, rubies, rose quartz, emeralds, crystals, and an arrowhead. All gems are of high quality and may be suitable for cutting, polishing, and mounting. With every mine train ticket you will receive one bag of mining ore from the Ole' Susquehanna Mine.
Upon arriving at the mine site your guide will tell you the story of Sylas Smith, and how he found the mine and about his tragic death which left the mind uncovered until this very year! Next you will walk over to the the Ol' Susquehanna mines operating sluice and learn how to pan for gem stones. Once you understand how to pan give it a try and see if you can find some gems


99 Elizabeth Street, Phillipsburg, New Jersey, 08865, United States
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